143 million records leaked in July – ransomware racks up huge numbers

Posted by Camden Swita on July 28 2017

Over 143 million valuable, sensitive records were leaked or stolen in July or were reported as previously lost in July. Ransomware, data breaches, leaks and insider theft, a new report shows.

IT Governance, an IT provider, estimates that at least 143,072,758 records were either leaked or stolen or reported as such in July.

The costs to a business stemming from even a modest data breach or leak are staggering. We recently published a data sheet about how much a single stolen laptop containing sensitive information would cost a healthcare company.

Spoiler: the costs are in the hundreds of millions, possibly even in the billions. 

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Some of the most notable cyber and ransomware attacks, breaches and thefts include:

Ransomware and external attacks

Data breaches

Financial sector data leaks and breaches

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