A Peek into Vaultize Secure File Sharing

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on August 1 2014

Enterprise IT must ensure that information within their organization does not go beyond the intended audience and/or the intended intentions. More often than not, their users have to work with external parties - customers, vendors, partners, contractors and the like - for which, files have to be shared. So how does an IT administrator ensure that the shared data does not get accessed by anybody and everybody, and never in ways that could cause data loss?

Vaultize provides a great way to control sharing of files and folders with the external world, by way of policies that can be applied to users, groups or the entire organization. For the end user, it's simply a matter of right-clicking files/folders (or selecting one from their Vault), filling up the email addresses to share with and specifying some access rights (as determined by the sharing policy applicable to them):

Simple and secure file sharing for end users with Vaultize

Vaultize takes care of sending emails to the intended recipients including a link to the shared data and ensuring that the organization’s sharing policies are enforced. With sharing policies, the administrator can:

  • Specify geographies from where the sharing link could be accessed: The geographical locations of the people with whom we collaborate are pretty well defined. Using this control, the administrator can ensure that the access request is restricted only to these locations.
  • Allow or block requests based on the IP address of the accessor: This control is even more fine grained in terms of controlling access. The administrator can specify the IP address (or ranges), which can or cannot access the data - very useful to fine tune once the geographical fence is established.

Geo and IP fencing in Vaultize secure sharing

  • Define time based access: Another criteria to control the access is time. One can specify the days of the week and the time during which the shared data will be accessible. If time of access is of no consequence then simply provide 24x7 access by a click of the button.

Time based access control in Vaultize secure sharing

And it gets even better. IT can control various other aspects like:

  • Expiring the link after a particular number of downloads or after certain number of days
  • Enforce password protection by those sharing the data
  • Restricting the link to people to whom emails were sent
  • Enforcing access only through Vaultize Online Document Viewer
  • Allowing sharing only with the users within the organization
  • Allowing sharing with the external world
  • Allowing sync or offline copies of data
  • Allowing only DRMed downloads
  • And more …

Expiry, password and more controls in Vaultize secure sharing

Vaultize tracks all accesses to the shared data with parameters like email of the accessor, IP address, geo-location, time and type of access. IT can also setup policies for Microsoft Outlook so that attachments are automatically converted into secure and managed links.

This is just a small peek into what can be done with Vaultize Secure File Sharing. Stay tuned for more.

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