Announcing the New Vaultize Platform with Built-in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on July 30 2014

We are launching the new incarnation of our file sharing (EFSS) and anywhere access platform with integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) features and a refreshed user experience (UX) in line with today’s need for mobile-centric enterprise solutions.

Vaultize is the first EFSS vendor to fully integrate EMM into a single offering – giving enterprises end-to-end control and visibility over sensitive corporate data, irrespective of the device used for accessing and sharing it – facilitating increased adoption of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) even in highly regulated and security-conscious verticals. Vaultize now includes Mobile Device Management (MDM) features such as remote wipe, data containerization, storage and network encryption, PIN protection and white-listing of apps for mitigation of security and protection concerns.

Vaultize goes beyond MDM with patent-pending features like automatic wiping based on geo-location, network parameters or time-outs. It further facilitates Mobile Content Management (MCM) through access rights and allows corporate IT to prevent data loss, security and compliance breaches by controlling what users can do with corporate data on their devices.

Here's a short video for our MCM and containerization capabilities:

The new Vaultize apps for iOS and Android have a built-in editor for Office documents and PDF annotation. IT can have granular control over copy-paste, sharing, printing, email or opening data in third-party apps. This has been made possible through policy-driven control over the mobile apps and the editor. All this combined with the already built-in and patent-pending mobile data containerization technology ensures that data remains secure source-to-destination and cradle-to-grave. Containerization also allows IT to wipe data remotely, or even automatically, based on various policies.

The newly upgraded platform has multifold benefits. From the end-user perspective, it provides an easy and elegant mobile-first user experience on company managed as well as employee-owned BYOD devices, facilitating VPN-free anywhere remote access, sync and sharing of enterprise content on endpoints as well as enterprise content stores (like file servers), and so helping the mobile workforce stay productive everywhere.

Arvind Limited has been one of the early adopters of this offering. Arvind is one of the world's largest denim manufacturers with over 25,000 employees and revenue exceeding $1 billion. Their CIO, Pragnesh Shah, says: "We have been using Vaultize for collaboration within and outside the company giving our people ability to access and share files irrespective of where they are and which device they are using. The integrated MCM with file sharing gives us peace of mind when it comes to security and data loss risks associated with workforce mobility."

Vaultize platform with fully integrated MDM and MCM features means that for remote access and sharing, our customers may not invest in a separate MDM or MCM solution that can potentially intrude with the mobile experience creating an impediment in the adoption of BYOD. But, Vaultize can also work in conjunction with MDM offerings from other vendors in scenarios where the scope of device, app and content management is wider than secure access and EFSS.

The official press release for this announcement is here:

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