Apple patches huge security hole (after hackers exploit it)

Posted by Camden Swita on July 24 2017

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Security researcher Exodus Intelligence recently exposed a critical vulnerability in iOS devices and Mac computers that would allow a hacker to access passwords and other information via WiFi.

The vulnerability, called Broadpwn, stems from a bug with the Wi-Fi chipsets in Apple devices. It allows an attacker within range to execute arbitrary code on the target device, access passwords and other files stored on memory and in the cloud. The National Vulnerability Database, published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, rates the vulnerability as a 9.8 out of 10 on its severity meter, putting it well into the critical range.

Mobile content management (MCM) keeps data secure after a device is hacked

MCM technology allows administrators and IT at any organization to secure, manage and wipe corporate data on mobile devices used by employees whether they’re owned by the company or not. It’s a surefire method for ensuring that:

  • Corporate data is separated from personal user data on mobile devices, or “containerized”
  • Important enterprise files and data are given extra protection (encryption and DRM) if the device is compromised, lost or stolen
  • Risk management and IT teams always have complete control over data on mobile devices and insight into where it’s being accessed and how it’s being shared
  • Corporate data is easily, but securely, accessible by employees on the go (security shouldn’t hinder productivity)
  • Data can be remotely wiped from a mobile device intravenously if there’s a security issue

More about Vaultize’s mobile device and data security tools.

Vaultize’s patented mobile data containerization gives your organization end-to-end data security on all devices plus industry-leading MCM tools. Your important files and data stays encrypted, trackable and wipeable from source to mobile devices within your organization and beyond, all the way to devices used by partners. Our MCM technology comes standard with:

  • VPN-free access to corporate repositories
  • Secure access for all endpoints
  • Encryption of files in mobile storage
  • Device PIN protection
  • Intelligent remote wiping tools for admins
  • Sharing and sync management
  • Access controls for shared documents (copy-paste, print, screen capture, and more)

MCM helps mitigate risk posed by security vulnerabilities like the one exploited by Broadpwn because it wraps your critical company data in protection that a hacker can’t crack even if they gain access to a mobile device. Everything that’s sent to a mobile device can be tracked, wiped, encrypted and versioned for backup and restore purposes.

If you haven’t already, send a note out to your coworkers letting them know they should install the most recent OS patch on their phones and other mobile devices. Apple released a patch late last week to correct the bug within Broadcom Wi-Fi chipsets, which Broadpwn exploited. Android devices may also be susceptible to the exploit. Google also released a security patch earlier this month.

Once everything is patched up, consider MCM and end-to-end data security. It will keep your data, IP and documents secure when the next mobile device exploit emerges.

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