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Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on June 17 2014

As EFSS and enterprise data mobility enters mainstream, organizations are looking for deployment options that suit their business needs – security and compliance being the key factors. Most EFSS and MCM solutions are offered through vendor’s public cloud, making them unattractive to security conscious or highly regulated verticals like BFSI, healthcare, research and government.

Vaultize offers the widest range of deployment options for EFSS, VPN-free secure anywhere access to corporate repositories and mobile content management (MCM). Vaultize is built as a multi-tenant cloud offering and is largely agnostic to cloud, platform and storage. It is offered through fully virtualized and highly scalable private clouds, purpose-built appliance series, on-premise software licenses or public clouds like the one we host ourselves in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

For private cloud and on-premise deployments, Vaultize can be deployed through popular cloud orchestrators like OpenStack, VMware and CloudStack. Vaultize supports nearly all hypervisors including Citrix XenServer, VMware vSphere, KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V. It also supports most popular storage abstractions: block-based storage types like iSCSI (SAN or NAS) and cloud storage like Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, RackSpace Cloud Files, Azure Block Storage and Google Cloud Storage.

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