Build Your Defense Against Ransomware Through Endpoint Backup

Posted by Sameer Vitkar on January 21 2016

What is Ransomware? What is the associated security risk? What is our defense mechanism? Your C-level executives may have asked you similar questions, as there has been a sharp rise in the number of incidents of this devastating malware that attempts to extort money from the victims with promises of restoring data infected (actually encrypted) by them.

As we are moving into 2016, experts are predicting Ransomware to become one of the biggest menaces for enterprises – particularly for those with sensitive, proprietary and private data in their possession.

Experts recommend defenses like employee education, endpoint security solution, firewalls and IPS. But, most of them are not foolproof as this specialized malware is a powerful and sophisticated threat that is continuously evolving faster than the traditional IT security layers. In addition to these practices, the best antidote for Ransomware is Backup. A policy-based comprehensive enterprise endpoint backup solution allows organizations to remain shielded from catastrophes like Ransomware infection. In the event of a Ransomware attack rendering business critical files inaccessible, the fastest way to regain access is to restore to a previous version from your backup.

Rather than paying ransom to the extortionists, if you have a sound backup and recovery solution, you can recover files and resume normal operations instantly. The extortion attempt can be greatly diminished if IT can recover infected files quickly. Having backup processes in place also protects your corporate data from instances of human error, accidents, hardware failures and any disaster that may otherwise result in complete or partial data loss. Basically, the investment in an endpoint backup and data protection solution is like investing in a “Kidnap and Ransom (K&R)” insurance – popular in the real world.

Vaultize provides a full-featured endpoint data protection solution through policy-based endpoint backup, endpoint encryption and remote wiping. But, Vaultize also goes much beyond a plain laptop/desktop backup. It is designed as a scalable cloud-architected enterprise file security platform for secure file sharing, VPN-free anywhere access and mobile collaboration with built-in digital rights management (DRM) and mobile content management (MCM). It is built ground-up with enterprise control and unmatched end-to-end security to protect data without hampering end-user productivity – even when the users are roaming beyond the corporate perimeter. In addition to enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) or Enterprise-Dropbox (Dropbox Alternative), some of Vaultize’s popular use cases include FTP Replacement, Outlook attachment replacement and Lotus Notes attachment replacement, which help meet compliance and data governance objectives.

Try Vaultize by sending an email at “sales at Vaultize dot com” or submitting a request for a FREE Trial.

You can also download a 10-user FREE virtual appliance and start using it within a small team.

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