Google Drive Connector Extends End-to-end Security and Control to the Cloud Service

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on August 19 2014

Enterprises and businesses are facing increased demand from their mobile workforce to access and collaborate on corporate data that is distributed across many data repositories like file servers and the ones in the cloud. With cloud-based respositories like Google Drive, the challenges for enterprise IT (and even end users) are multifold because of the multitude and variety of products to deal with and the lack of controls and end-to-end security, especially with respect to corporate data going on mobile devices - whether company-owned or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Vaultize offers a holistic solution for tackling these challenges, where mobility management, access control, data protection and data loss prevention capabilities are fully integrated into a singular enterprise platform to mitigate security, data loss and compliance risks. Starting this week, we also support secure and managed access to data in Google Drive. With Vaultize Connector for Google Drive, the access and sharing of Drive data is completely controlled and managed within Vaultize's secure container and through our Mobile Content Management (MCM) policies. The Drive Connector enables corporate users to uniformly and ubiquitously access, edit and share corporate data across Google Drive, file servers, NAS, laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Continuing with our holistic approach, this secure anywhere access to Google Drive perfectly complements Google Apps backup/restore already available in the platform. Combined with our Access Control policies, IT can set the what, who, when, where and how of the access and sharing of Drive data, even when users are not in corporate network or when users are in regions where access to Google is blocked or not advised. The Drive connector works equally in all our deployment options - public or private cloud, on-premise software or appliances - enabling all desirable levels of flexibility, control and security.

Our official press release for the new capability is here. Right now, the new Google Drive for Work connector is in beta and you can try it here.

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