Hello Dropbox for ... Business?!!

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 18 2013

Nobody can deny that Dropbox has been a major catalyst for the emergence of Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) market. In fact, many EFSS adopters start their journey with the line: "We'd like to replace/prevent Dropbox in our enterprise" :-).

Although EFSS is a nascent market right now, it is poised to become a multi billion dollar market in few years. And naturally, Dropbox would like to have a share of the pie it helped in baking. And so ... here comes Dropbox for Business, which actually is nothing but Dropbox for Teams with a business-friendly name. But does simply adding "business" to the name make it a business product?

Vaultize has "enterprise" in its DNA. Our founders have spent over 30 years (and hold over 75 US patents) collectively in enterprise product development working for leading (and successful) enterprise products from Veritas, Symantec and McAfee. We understand Storage, Data Protection, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Security very well - it's in our blood.

For Dropbox, as can be seen from its history, businesses and enterprises have always been an after-thought - in terms of technology or otherwise. Business and enterprise are not built into its core - they are things slapped on to make the candy not stick to your hands and make them dirty.

Vaultize has always been about being much more than just "Enterprise Dropbox". Here's how:

  • We are the only solution that performs encryption and de-duplication at source (patent-pending). You might ask, why is this important? When encryption is not done at source, there's a good possibility that the connection can be attacked - even if it's SSL (just search for SSL inspection). A consumer might not care about this, but enterprises and businesses must. Global de-duplication at source is important because of last mile bandwidth problem - Vaultize's Smart De-duplication is saving up to 90% network bandwidth for its customers!
  • In addition to the security, enterprises and businesses want control and visibility over the use of corporate data to prevent data loss and to ensure compliance. Vaultize provides fine-grained control over sharing/sync through user permissions and administrator defined policies - ensuring that the use of corporate data complies with corporate policies. Vaultize also gives corporate IT peace of mind with data loss prevention (DLP) features like file/folder encryption, encryption at source, control over encryption keys, powerful endpoint backup, disaster recovery and remote wiping (coming soon).
  • All Vaultize activities are completely visible to the administrator giving her/him the ability to restrict the group sync and sharing only within the legitimate group of people.
  • Enterprises and businesses can choose to deploy Vaultize in their own data center through the Private Cloud option or, in some geographies, through the Cloud-in-a-box appliances - a fully integrated hardware and software solution built on fine-tuned enterprise-grade platform.
  • If an organization decides to use our public cloud (hosted in Rackspace), we offer them the Data Privacy Option (DPO) - where they completely control the encryption keys - ensuring that the data leaves the source encrypted and can be decrypted only on the receiving device, without being accessible on the server or in-transit. This helps them comply with local data privacy and data residency regulations. Other solutions cannot offer anything like DPO because they do encryption at server, while we do it at source.
  • We also protect data in Google Apps and make it easily accessible.

With Vaultize, enterprise IT has complete control over all their unstructured data - giving peace of mind to the CIO and productivity boost to the employees through sharing, sync and anywhere access to their data.

BTW, on popular demand, we have extended the free download of our soft appliance from Vaultize International Backup Day

page by a few more weeks.

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