How to Create a Secure FTP Alternative When Enterprises Are Saying Goodbye to Old Methods of File Transfer

Posted by Anand Kekre on November 5 2014

Historically, the most popular ways of sharing files have been email and FTP. But, email has its own limitations in terms of the size of attachments, high storage requirement on email server (e.g. Exchange) and fat mailboxes (e.g. Outlook PST) – making it very inefficient and causing loss of productivity to employees. On the other hand, FTP (or SFTP) are difficult to use, manage and monitor, and poses many challenges for any enterprise:

  • End-user challenges
    • Difficult for users to collaborate on large files
    • Process of downloading a FTP client, logging in, and then uploading is time consuming and tedious
    • No way to know who is downloading or viewing files on the FTP site, at what time, from where and so on
  • Enterprise IT challenges
    • FTP credential exchange poses serious security risks
    • Lack of reporting and tracking capabilities poses a threat to regulatory compliances – particularly in verticals like Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
    • Higher storage cost as data size increases at record pace
    • Need for regular maintenance
    • Non-trivial time spent in setting up users and hence difficult to keep up to pace with increased file transfer demands

In absence of any better alternative, business/enterprise users are falling pray to third-party consumer file sharing solutions (like Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt or Hightail), causing security, data loss and compliance issues for organizations.

Vaultize has been helping businesses – including large enterprises in highly regulated and security conscious verticals – to replace their FTP sites. As an FTP alternative, Vaultize allows end-users to seamlessly share files within and outside the organization using secure links and at the same time, allows IT administrator to define sharing policies to control, manage and monitor the movement of files. IT can also define access control policies, allowing them to control how and from where the shared contents can be accessed by the recipients.

Without changing their usual workflow, end-users can share files and folders through simple right-click in Windows explorer, easy uploads through drag-n-drop on Web UI, through mobile apps or file/folder sync through Vaultize desktop clients. An Outlook Plugin also converts attachments into secure links based on IT policy.

Highlights of our FTP Replacement solution includes:

  • Securely sharing files and folders inside and outside company from any device and from anywhere
  • Works even when outside the company, without the need of VPN
  • No limit on file size
  • One click sharing of files and folders from Windows Explorer or Vaultize user interface
  • Embed link in emails, documents, web pages or social media
  • Password protection, auto-expiry of link and notification on access/download
  • Consolidated view of files and folders (called "Vault")
  • Option to keep shared data in sync with recipients
  • Internal managed users (those registered with Vaultize) can sync files in their Vault to any device and access those files from anywhere without the need of VPN
  • External unmanaged users can view or download shared files and folders through any web browser
  • Ability of external recipient to upload a file
  • Integration with AD/LDAP to ensure single sign-on
  • Wide range of deployment options – on-premise, private cloud, purpose-built appliance, public cloud
  • Sharing policies to control who can share what, when and to where
  • Access policies to control from where files/folders can be accessed – based on IP, geographical location, etc.
  • Additional controls like read-only access through online document viewer, digital watermarking and control on printing
  • Audit trail and tracking of files – who accessed it, when, how and from where
  • Versions of files are maintained

This is what Mr. Sanjay Pugaonkar, Senior Manager - Information Security at Tata AIA Life Insurance Company – one of our BFSI customers has to say about Vaultize: “Vaultize's file sharing capabilities have enabled our people to improve their productivity. Our IT department takes advantage of its end-to-end security, privacy and compliance features that are critical for the insurance industry.”

Look at Why Vaultize to know the reasons why enterprise IT loves us. Contact us for more information or directly ask for free trial. Also you can download a free virtual appliance with 10-user perpetual license.

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