How Vaultize Helps Law Firms

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on April 21 2014

Law firms share documents with clients at mind-boggling rate. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, attorneys are aggressively demanding that they use their personal mobile devices to access, modify, annotate (particularly PDF) and share documents to be productive from anywhere and anytime.

Many are falling prey to consumer file sharing services like Dropbox. As a result, sensitive documents are going beyond the control of corporate IT, onto the end-user personal devices that are unmanaged and to the third-party clouds.

Corporate IT is struggling to keep a good balance between the demands of their end-users and their own responsibility to keep digital assets well protected from data loss and security risks to meet necessary compliances.

Vaultize comes to the rescue by delivering a holistic solution – win-win for both enterprise IT and end-users.

To the end-users, Vaultize provides the ability to:

  • Access corporate documents from any device –(iOS/Android, Mac and Windows) – without VPN
  • Edit MS Office documents and annotate PDF documents using a built-in editor
  • Share documents securely inside and outside the organization
  • Restore previous versions of their documents

More importantly, everything comes with a consumer-like user experience.

And, to corporate IT, Vaultize provides the ability to:

  • Segregate corporate data from personal data and keep the data in a secure container on mobile devices
  • Define sharing policies about who can share, from which device, with whom and from which geography
  • Control the way an end-users would use data inside the corporate container; for example, copy/paste, printing and sending to a white-listed app
  • Remotely wipe the container in case the mobile device is lost or end-user leaves organization
  • Track the devices
  • Audit all user and admin operations
  • Set backup and DLP policies for endpoints – including Windows and Mac
  • Own and control the encryption keys even when deployed as a public cloud
  • Choose how they use Vaultize – public cloud (SaaS), appliance (hardware + software) or on-premise/private cloud (software license)

At Vaultize, we believe in “trust nobody” when it comes to sensitive information. And, that’s why we secure the data by encrypting it on the user device itself before being transmitted on an SSL channel. Most other Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solutions transmit the data as-is, with the belief that SSL alone can ensure the security, and encrypt it only in the cloud. And, because the encryption/decryption happens in the cloud, the encryption keys are in total control of the vendor.

Vaultize’s patent pending encryption technology used in file sharing and content mobility ensures that the data is encrypted (and later decrypted) only on endpoints, whether mobile or non-mobile. That means, while in transit what goes over the wire is encrypted (data-in-motion) and the data stays encrypted while on the cloud storage (data-at-rest).

So, choose Vaultize – End-to-end Protection and Privacy”!

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