Identifying Critical Threats To Your Enterprise Data

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on June 30 2015

Identifying Critical Threats To Your Enterprise DataIf someone is intent on compromising your data, stopping them is very hard.

Savvy, malicious entities are always a step ahead of the latest cyber security technology. An innocuous mistake, such as connecting to an enterprise server via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection or leaving a laptop unattended at a cafe, could be all a motivated individual needs to gain access to your sensitive files.

While national cyber warfare programs, hackers and other nefarious groups often come to mind first when considering information security threats, it’s important to remember that most data leaks are not the result of rogue agents, but rather accidental insiders. Most data leaks are unintentional and the result of carelessness or ignorance.

Who’s A Threat To Your Data?

  • Accidental insiders (e.g., unwitting employees)

  • Malicious insiders

  • Malicious outsiders

  • Accidental outsiders (e.g., unwitting partners/clients)

Due to the accidental nature of so many data loss episodes, many enterprises are implementing data loss prevention (DLP) tools, including enterprise mobility management (EMM) and enterprise digital rights management (DRM).

Enterprise security threats presented by mobile devices continue to grow. IT teams now realize the danger in relying on security tools not optimized for mobile devices.

The need for enterprise mobility management (EMM) is greater than ever.

EMM is an amalgamation of mobile security concepts including mobile device management (MDM), mobile content management (MCM) and mobile application management (MAM).

Use EMM tools to ensure that you’re able to ensure your enterprise data stays under your control, even when it’s on your end users’ personal devices and exposed to the applications on those devices. Any business that embraces a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment needs to have robust EMM tools in place.

Enterprise DRM is another useful tool to help IT departments stay in control of data, even as it moves beyond the corporate network.

A complete EMM suite, combined with robust enterprise DRM policies and DLP tools, is necessary for keeping data secure in today’s highly mobile age. Enterprise DRM enables a multi-dimensional approach to files access and sharing, enabling IT to control who accesses what data, as well as what may be done with the data when it is accessed. 

Nobody wants to be the cause of data loss.

Controlling the access and flow of information with DRM and EMM tools is critical for IT chiefs and end users alike to keep data secure. When your data leaves your control, the reputation of your enterprise is on the line — and your job may be as well. 

Remember, secure enterprise file sharing is not a singular concept: No one action will make you secure. A suite of tools working together, coupled with proper training and user adoption, is the strongest recipe for enterprise file security. The best of these tools serve as comprehensive enterprise file security suites or have the ability to plug into existing systems.

Take your enterprise file security to the next level by enhancing it with advanced DRM and EMM to ensure your data is safe wherever it goes.

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