Introducing Vaultize Secure Content Access Gateway

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on September 4 2014

Today we are announcing the availability of Vaultize Secure Content Access Gateway, our gateway appliance series for VPN-free, secure and managed remote access to content stored in corporate repositories like file servers, NAS, Google Drive and SharePoint. Vaultize Secure Content Access Gateway is industry's first fully integrated gateway solution built to deliver easy remote access to content with best-in-class security and management. It enables users to securely and easily access their files and folders from anywhere without needing to do VPN, while giving IT administrators a single place to manage access control, mobility and collaboration based on many attributes of data, users and devices, providing better security, data protection, and compliance.

Vaultize Secure Content Access Gateway

Secure Content Access Gateway provides all these capabilities without needing to deploy or integrate with VPN – it comes built with end-to-end encryption. It also includes collaboration and mobility features – covering all the ways data could be accessed, transferred or shared. Our Content Access Gateway offers industry-leading performance and scalability, with appliances that can scale up to 10,000 concurrent users and can connect to hundreds of data sources including file servers and NAS that support CIFS/SMB, Google Drive and SharePoint (coming soon).

Vaultize Secure Content Access Gateway

Overview of the Solution

For Users – Content Access Gateway was designed to provide an easy and seamless user experience for remote file access. Users can access and collaborate on their work files from anywhere, using any kind of device (laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone). Vaultize provides apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux that allow users to browse, view, download and even edit files using the built-in document editor on mobile devices. Users can also access their data from any web browser, if they don't have the app or don't want to use it.

For IT – Secure Content Access Gateway allows administrators to manage access control and set policies that define access rights based on attributes (or properties) of data, user and device. For example, an user may have full access rights (read, download, update, print and the like) on a folder from her work laptop, but may be restricted to view-only access when connecting from outside the office network/location. Attributes that can be used to create access control policies include geo-location of user or his device, IP ranges, time, names of files and folders, and so on. Sharing policies allow IT to control collaboration with internal as well as external users in terms of the various attributes already mentioned. Administrators can also control data mobility by setting policies on how, where, who, what and when of data on mobile devices.

For more details on how Vaultize secure access for file servers works, please see this post. Also see this, this and this post for details on our Access Control features, online document viewer for content control and secure access to Google Drive. Vaultize's mobility capabilities are detailed in this and this post.

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