Launching Next generation Appliance Series for Enterprise Sync and Share (EFSS)

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on September 26 2013

Vaultize pioneered purpose-built appliances for enterprise sync and share when we launched our Cloud-in-a-box appliance series last year at CloudConnect. Since then Vaultize appliances have become very popular across enterprises of all size.

Today we announced the world-wide launch of a new series, which significantly improves upon the previous one with new generation hardware and highly optimized software for enterprise file sharing and secure anytime-anywhere access, in line with the growing trend of consumerization of mobile devices and Bring-Your-Own-device (BYOD). The new appliance series starts from 100 users and can scale to thousands of users with de-duplicated storage capacity of 3TB to 100TB.

Large enterprises dealing with sensitive information, including financial and research organizations, are relying on Vaultize to provide secure access to corporate data beyond their firewalls. Vaultize's secure anywhere-anytime access allows individuals to access the files from any mobile device, browser or laptop even when they are roaming beyond corporate firewall - of course, only if the IT has given permissions. Vaultize enterprise cloud securely relays files from corporate network to roaming endpoints i.e. laptops/smartphone/tablets, without VPN - just like Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) relays emails from corporate network.

Cloud-based file sharing and massive proliferation of mobile devices have revolutionized the way people access and share information. People are freely using consumer services and devices even for their official work, and hence, organization’s sensitive data is now residing in third-party clouds and employee devices without the knowledge and control of IT — posing significant data loss, security and compliance risks to organizations. Vaultize, not only provides enterprise control and visibility in file sharing and secure access but also, enables security and data protection features like enterprise wiping, endpoint encryption and endpoint backup.

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