Nine reasons vaultize is the right data security and drm platform for you

Posted by Camden Swita on November 18 2016

Information is proliferating at mindboggling rates in modern enterprises. A decade back, what was limited to file servers, NAS, enterprise content management (ECM) repositories and desktops is moving out of corporate network to laptops, smartphones and tablets. Hence, traditional endpoint backup solutions that were designed for on-premise laptop and desktop backup are inadequate for the needs of today's mobile. BYOD (bring your own device) enterprise. It's important to equip your team with the proper tools and find the right partner in order to stay secure in such an environment.

Vaultize is designed as a scalable cloud-architected enterprise platform for secure file sharing, anywhere access and mobile collaboration with built-in continuous data protection, digital rights management (DRM) and mobile content management (MCM). It’s built from the ground up with enterprise control and unmatched end-to-end security to protect your data without hampering the end-user productivity even when the users are roaming beyond the corporate perimeter.

Vaultize is the only enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) and mobile collaboration vendor in the world that provides full-featured endpoint data protection through policy-based endpoint backup, endpoint encryption and remote wiping.

There are many reasons why our partners chose us and have stuck with Vaultize to solve their data security needs. Foremost among them is that fact that Vaultize leapfrogs other enterprise endpoint backup solutions in terms of quality and well-roundedness. It’s the obvious choice of enterprise IT for endpoint data protection.

Secure your data

Here are 9 other reasons why Vaultize is right for you:

1) Patented encryption and deduplication

Vaultize's patented Vault KNOX technology performs AES 256-bit encryption together with content-aware global de-duplication at the endpoint even before actual data is sent to the server, meaning your data is always protected and loose threads are always tied off. The content-aware de-duplication method works with popular document formats like Microsoft Office, PDF and Outlook PST, so you can begin securing your data without overhauling your workflows. Vaultize uses advanced content fingerprinting and chunking algorithms that significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth required to perform backup (initial backup as well as when changes occur). It is particularly beneficial for roaming users and remote/branch offices where our customers have seen as high as 90 percent reduction in bandwidth requirement. Because of this, the backup always stays up-to-date ensuring full and continuous protection.

2) VPN-free technology

Vaultize performs military-grade AES 256-bit data encryption on the client side before information is sent to the server over SSL. Additionally, a layer of OAuth protection ensures complete privacy and authenticity of the data transfer. All these things together mean that backup can be performed online. This saves the IT the huge cost and effort of setting up and maintaining a VPN, which regular monitoring and maintenance. For the end-user, our process ensures that backup happens transparently and without interfering with productivity.

3) Adaptive Algorithms

Vaultize uses adaptive algorithms in client software that continuously monitor the CPU, memory and network utilization on the device and accordingly control the speed of backup. This means that when the user is actively working on the device, the client software ensures that it does not hamper user productivity.

4) Efficient PST backup

Vaultize uses the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Services) method, which is more robust and efficient than the MAPI-based method used by other solutions. Additionally, the Vaultize client uses a PST content analysis algorithm to find out the exact blocks that have changed without reading the whole PST file. This consumes much less time (and CPU) and reduces the incremental backup size hugely, giving our customers more savings in bandwidth and storage. The MAPI-based backup process used by competitors can corrupt the PST files and its performance is considerably slower than VSS-based backups. It can also slow down the performance of Outlook and hamper the user experience.

5) Optimized Storage Requirement

Because Vaultize performs global de-duplication across all users and devices in your organization, the amount of storage required on your server(s) is significantly reduced. Vaultize customers are seeing as high as 90% in space savings.

6) File sharing, enterprise mobility and BYOD

The Vaultize enterprise platform provides digital rights management (DRM, aka Information Rights Management or IRM), endpoint DLP (encryption and wiping), secure file sharing, VPN-free anywhere access and mobile collaboration – which no other vendor provides. Through these features, you can get solutions for:

  • FTP and file server replacement
  • File sharing with outside parties
  • Digital rights management
  • Virtual data rooms
  • Mobile content management and BYOD – secure access to corporate data from any device, anywhere
  • VPN-free anywhere access to ECM-like file servers, NAS and Sharepoint
  • Control over email attachments
  • Internal collaboration tools

7) Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP)

The data protection license offering from Vaultize includes endpoint encryption and remote wiping. Enterprise IT can define policy-based file-level and folder-level encryption of data on Windows endpoints to protect it from unauthorized access after the device is either compromised, lost, or stolen. In addition, our enterprise wiping feature allows IT to securely erase corporate data from any device at any time.

8) No additional licenses needed

All competing endpoint backup solutions require you to buy Windows server licenses – increasing your total cost of ownership. Vaultize is built on a hardened CentOS Linux Platform, which provides superior security and scalability without any additional cost to you.

9) Flexible deployment options

Vaultize provides the industry's widest set of deployment options. Our platform is available as a hosted service on the Vaultize public cloud, on premise (single server or scalable private cloud), or a series of purpose-built appliances. All deployment options come with the unmatched end-to-end security, data privacy and administrative controls.

Enterprises across the world, including Fortune 500 and those in highly regulated and security conscious verticals, use Vaultize to ensure endpoint data protection. Contact us today to learn how you can too.

Secure your data

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