Plug-in Free Approach to Enterprise Digital Rights Management (eDRM)

Posted by Anand Kekre on July 8 2015

Vaultize is the only enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) and mobile collaboration provider that follows holistic platform approach ensuring end-to-end file security. It comes with built-in full-featured enterprise digital rights management (eDRM), mobile content management (MCM) and endpoint data protection.

Vaultize follows an innovative (US patent-pending) approach (called Micro-containerization) to enterprise rights management which is independent of file formats and agnostic to applications and vendors. This approach has many benefits – technical, security-wise as well as commercial.

Vaultize Plug-in Free DRM and Enterprise File Sharing

Competitors (including Seclore and FileOpen) follow a vendor-dependant approach wherein they use Microsoft’s native DRM capabilities for MS-Office documents and Adobe’s DRM for PDF documents. This vendor-specific approach comes with many drawbacks; here are a few points to help understand the advantages of Vaultize’s vendor-agnostic Micro-containerization approach:

  1.  With Vaultize’s enterprise file sharing, the original files go in secure encrypted envelope that can only be opened by authorized people, on authorized device/geography/IP/etc during designated time and with given access rights (which can later be changed or revoked). This means Vaultize can support document formats other than MS-Office and PDF, without having to maintain multiple plug-ins.
  2.  With competitors, the original files are DRM-encrypted using vendor-specific encryption (e.g. for MS-Office documents, Microsoft’s encryption is used). Because of this, you don't get 100% protection for some of the formats (like PDF) where someone can bypass DRM controls when the document is opened in certain non-standard applications (like Nitro PDF).
  3.  With Vaultize, DRM-encryption does not embed any code in the documents, while competitors embed code in the documents that in turn cause (a) document size to increase significantly (b) documents to load slower, and (c) risk of malware/virus getting attached to the embedded code. Also, you need to buy and maintain a separate Windows server for rights management– increasing your costs.
  4. Vaultize doesn’t require maintaining multiple plug-ins, while competitors require you to download multiple plug-ins - each for different document type, document formats, document family and application versions.
  5. Vaultize also provides an online document viewer with built-in digital watermarking capabilities. This complements the DRM-protection that is typically applied on shared documents to protect them from unauthorized access after they are downloaded by third-party.
  6. In addition to applying digital rights management controls, the document owner can choose to restrict the access of shared documents only from the online document viewer, with a full control on printing, copy/paste and screenshots. Watermarks can be added to each page of the document to discourage printing, screen capture. The watermarking has options for embedding text, images or email-ID.

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