Tata AIA Insurance uses Vaultize as Secure Dropbox Alternative and FTP Replacement to Comply with BFSI Regulations

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on July 8 2014

Security of corporate documents is critical for banks, insurance companies and financial institutions (BFSI) for protecting their business and to maintain regulatory compliance. These organizations have large number of sensitive documents to be shared within the framework of internal as well as external compliances while protecting against security risks and data loss.

FTP/SFTP, which historically has been one of the popular internal as well as external file sharing mechanisms, is cumbersome for business users, time consuming for IT and lacks the reporting or tracking capabilities that are required for internal or regulatory compliance.

Email, another popular way of sharing files, has its own challenges in terms of the size of attachments, high storage requirement on mail servers (like Exchange) and fat Outlook PSTs – making it very inefficient and causing loss of productivity to employees.

File sharing using consumer solutions like Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt or Hightail is strictly prohibited because of the security and data loss challenges with such solutions, as well as the way these solutions are offered - in public clouds - which are out of the control of enterprise IT.

Vaultize comes to the rescue by providing a secure and managed solution for all the above challenges - Dropbox, email attachments and FTP sites - for even highly regulated industry segments like BFSI, Government, Healthcare, Defense and Atomic Research. Vaultize provides solutions for enterprise file sharing and VPN-free secure anywhere access to corporate data repositories (like file servers) with built-in Mobile Content Management (MCM) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Vaultize provides all this in the widest range of deployment choices - on-premise, appliances, private cloud or public cloud.

Here is a customer case study on how Vaultize is helping a leading BFSI company - Tata AIA Life Insurance - with their internal as well as external file sharing needs. Here's what Sanjay Pugaonkar, Senior Manager - Information Security at Tata AIA Life, has to say about the solution Vaultize offered them:

"We wanted a secure solution for our employees to share documents effectively, and at the same time ensuring that our corporate information remains private and under our control in line with regulatory compliance guidelines. Vaultize's file sharing capabilities have enabled our people improve their productivity. Our IT department takes advantage of its end-to-end security, privacy and compliance features that are critical for the insurance industry," - .

You can read the Tata AIA and other case studies here: http://www.vaultize.com/case-studies.html

You can also try Vaultize for free here: http://www.vaultize.com/try-it-free.php

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