To MDM or not to MDM...

Posted by Ankur Panchbudhe on August 6 2014

Last week we launched a new incarnation of our Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) and Anywhere Remote Access platform with integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) features. Based on interaction with prospects and customers over last many months, we have realized that EMM and EFSS won’t go independently - particularly with the increase in BYOD adoption. And hence, we need to look at both in a holistic way. While we started talking about our integrated EMM in the market selectively, we were often asked a question – do you compete or do you complement Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM solutions gained popularity with the rise in enterprise mobility and the BYOD trend. Enterprises rushed to implement MDM but it solved the problem only partially, and in many cases, left end-users as well as IT administrators frustrated. The approach in many cases turned heavy-handed, resulting in securing and managing the entire device or whole sets of apps instead of just the corporate data.

While Vaultize includes basic MDM features such as remote wipe, data containerization, storage and network encryption, PIN protection and white-listing of apps for mitigation of security and protection concerns with BYOD, it takes an end-to-end and data-centric approach that has been at its core from day one. Its end-to-end data security and Data Loss Protection (DLP) capabilities allow security and protection of corporate data right from its source to any destination (internal or external), and from its cradle to its grave.

Vaultize also goes beyond MDM with features like automatic wiping based on geo-location or IP address or time-out, natively integrated Mobile Content Management (MCM) and a built-in document editor. Vaultize offers its customers the option of working in conjunction with their MDM solution or using Vaultize’s built-in MCM/MDM capabilities.

With Vaultize’s built-in mobility management capabilities, our customers can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by getting everything they need in one homogenous solution, without having the overheads of managing multiple or loosely integrated products, or managing employee-owned devices, or be seen as intruding user privacy. We have many customers who just want to make sure their data is secure and protected on managed as well as employee-owned devices, with internal as well as external users and inside as well as outside the corporate network. Vaultize alone is great for this.

But, our EFSS and anywhere access solutions can also work in conjunction with MDM offerings from other vendors (like AirWatch, MobileIron and Good) in scenarios where the scope of device, app and content management is wider than just secure access and EFSS. In such cases, Vaultize can integrate with these solutions at multiple levels – device, app or content – depending on customer requirements and integration possibilities.

You can try our integrated EFSS, Anywhere Access and EMM capabilities for free here.

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