Vaultize Webinar – Law Firm’s Guide to Avoiding the Inevitable - File Security in Legal Industry

Posted by Eric Brown on July 28 2016

It may surprise you that more than 80 of the top 100 law firms in the world have experienced a data breach in recent years. The consequences can be extremely costly - from litigation threats to fines, or even suspension of practice. As the inevitable rise of consumer cloud storage and BYOD continues and your firm’s data travels beyond your network’s security, the risk of data breach has never been greater. 


According to recent statistics, 25% of law firms (with over 100 employees) have experienced a data breach, and with clients increasing requests for security audits (up to 34% in 2015), the need for a strong digital rights management (DRM) and enterprise file sharing (EFSS) solution is real and immediate. A law firm’s currency is built upon the inherent trust of the client.  The client expects their information to be protected by their attorney, and, thus by extension, their firm’s technological infrastructure

So how do you make sure that sensitive files are shared securely and go in the right hands? Also, how can you keep documents under your control even after they have been shared?

At Vaultize, we have always been sensitive to security, privacy, compliance and data governance. This is what makes us the most popular vendor in highly regulated and security conscious industries like Banks, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) and Legal - providing end-to-end enterprise file security – but without compromising end-user experience. World-wide, many large enterprises, including Fortune companies, take advantage of Vaultize’s enterprise file security and  enterprise digital rights management (eDRM) capabilities to help them comply with laws - including on-premise/private cloud deployment, unmatched encryption, ability to control encryption keys.

Vaultize, the leader in Enterprise Digital Rights Management, would like to invite you to our upcoming web seminar: 

Data Breach - A Law Firm's Guide to Avoiding the Inevitable 

Join us as, Gary Cooke, Chief Solutions Architect at Vaultize, attacks some of legal’s security pain points:

  • Sharing confidential documents with business lines and external parties during a deal
  • Controlling a user’s access rights to confidential documents
  • Internal collaboration on large folders with confidential information

Make sure your firm and its clients are protected from data breaches by joining us on August 3rd @ 11:30am EST.

To attend, please fill out the this form. Once registered, you will be sent a calendar invitation with the URL and access code. We look forward to seeing you!

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