Why Vaultize?

Posted by Nick Kumes on November 9 2016

There are many document storage and file sharing vendors that claim to be “turn-key” but none of them combine security and customization as well as Vaultize. Vaultize enables enterprise customers to manage and protect their sensitive data down at a very granular level. Whether it’s end-to-end security features, advanced user access controls or administrative functionality, it’s the finer details that make Vaultize a holistic console.

Secure your data

Digital rights management (DRM)

Digital rights management provides admins and employees with complete access, governance and control over sensitive data (files/folders/documents). One of our successful implementations includes a major financial institution that demanded advanced DRM for their legal department’s information ecosystem. In this case-study our client had specific requirements on how employees could access and share sensitive data. This included the multi-dimensional administrative ability to revoke access privileges within the internal network and monitoring of information after it had left the corporate perimeter. Vaultize’s advanced DRM functionalities enabled their users and administrators to have full tracking, tracing and auditing capabilities (i.e. viewing, versioning, editing and printing permissions) allowing users to meet compliance objectives, eliminate fears of leaks and breaches, and collaborate with internal and external flexibility.

Encryption and de-duplication

End-to-end data security and micro-containerization ensure safety and security throughout a document’s entire lifecycle. Vaultize’s patented Vault KNOX technology provides military-grade encryption of data together with de-duplication at the source on user devices (mobile, desktop or laptop). With encryption at the source, each piece of data is put in a secure capsule, protecting data both at-rest and in transit. Think of encryption as the cyber security version of sending a fragile object in bubble wrap or styrofoam. De-duplication intelligently eliminates unnecessary duplicates on devices, increasing both storage and bandwidth and eliminating the possibility that data will be misplaced. Our combination of security, technology and efficiency tools enables you to attain complete control over unstructured data on all types of devices, and to gain full visibility into the access and sharing of corporate data.

Secure file sharing

Vaultize converts attachments into secure links, which helps prevent data loss and optimizes storage. Sharing large size attachments can be cumbersome for any user and their IT department. Vaultize eliminates risk and allows users to regain control by sharing large files via DRM-encrypted links compatible with both Outlook and Lotus Notes. Being hooked up with the DRM platform, the user now has a multitude of access controls available at their fingertips, including two-factor authentication, geo-fencing and remote wiping. The admin now has GPS-like ability to manage and control the data, so when their recipient appears in North Korea, the access is revoked and the data deleted. Vaultize’s secure file sharing also establishes replacement policies, which means that any piece of compromised data can be effectively restored.

How you treat your data says a lot about you

Vaultize’s combination of security, technology and efficiency enables you to attain complete control over unstructured data on all types of devices, and to gain full visibility into the access and sharing of sensitive info. Our work with enterprise Fortune 1000 customers including leading financial institutions, legal firms and energy companies proves that holistic data security is a high priority for corporate decision makers across the globe. Shore up organizational trust, efficiency and prestige with Vaultize’s award-winning DRM (digital rights management), EFSS, mobile content management and data protection platform.

Secure your data

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