Posted by Camden Swita on January 27 2017

New Tools Enhance the Vaultize Platform and Further End-to-End Security Promise, Facilitate Simplified e-Discovery, Efficient Workflow Security, Better Email Practices

01/27/2017 – SAN FRANCISCO Vaultize Technologies announced today the release of three new tools to enhance its data lifecycle security platform. Enhanced Auditing, SecureSend and GetLink are designed to help enterprises more easily meet data-compliance and data-governance requirements.

Regulations of how data is handled in most industries including healthcare, insurance, finance and legal will grow more stringent in 2017. Vaultize’s new features are intended to keep the company and its customers ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking, auditing and versioning data and maintaining records showing that they took every possible step to ensure safe and direct delivery of sensitive files and documents online.

The Vaultize platform now features Enhanced Auditing, which allows enterprises to create an auditor role and more easily manage and maintain compliance-friendly workflows and collect and package data in an e-discovery process. Auditors can be given access to an organization’s data without the possibility of interference even from administrators, guaranteeing compliance with most data-governance requirements. Administrators will be able to control (and even mandate) formatting and wording of subject lines of emails sent internally and externally (i.e. to include a docket or case number), the content of messages sent with secured data and the expiry of shared data. These capabilities will allow organizations to keep their information and user policies compliant and enable file auditing and versioning.

Also deployed was SecureSend, a better process for confirming email recipients before sending important messages. Via an Outlook plugin, users will be prompted to confirm intended recipients, and can mark addresses as “known” for greater efficiency. The plugin also allows users and admins to blacklist certain domains and keep others “unknown” to prevent accidental sharing.

“Features like SecureSend and Enhanced Auditing reinforce our end-to-end promise,” said Ankur Panchbudhe, co-founder and CTO of Vaultize. “You can't think of information security as a point problem that can be solved using a point solution like DRM or EFSS. It must be solved continuously throughout the information lifecycle and within the customer's information and data governance framework. These new features also enable our customers to see a tremendous amount of context around their data—all the whos, wheres, hows, whys and whens.”

GetLink was also deployed today, which allows users to easily grab a secure, sharable link for any encrypted file via a right-click menu instead of using Vaultize’s standard link sharing workflow. Finally, the development team added a new tool for uploading entire folders and file trees to the Vaultize client, further enabling users to easily protect all their important data.

About Vaultize Technologies: Vaultize provides a comprehensive enterprise file security platform that enables continuous data protection, digital rights management, and unprecedented access control for zero data loss enterprise file sharing and VPN-free secure access. 

The leaders of Vaultize founded the company in 2013 as a solution to mitigate security, data loss and compliance risks that arise from the use of consumer file sharing (like Dropbox), increasing data mobility, consumerization of IT and the growing trend toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

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