Wipro, CDW and Others ENTER partnerships with Vaultize to expand file security and data lifecycle protection capabilities

Posted by Camden Swita on January 20 2017

Simplified One-Platform Approach to File Security and Tracking a Must-Have for Large Resellers and Their Customers

Wipro, CDW and other global IT, industry and finance leaders including Savangard and Wavestone announced today their formal partnerships with Vaultize Technologies to extend and improve their file security and data lifecycle protection capabilities.

Vaultize enables partners and their clients to protect assets and streamline workflows that involve sensitive information. Vaultize provides file security, auditing, and tracking tools via one platform, which also features DRM controls, secure collaboration spaces and plugins for major email clients. Partners currently using and reselling the Vaultize platform besides CDW, Wipro and Savangard include Get the Net, SML Capital Advisers, Harmonie, Cube ITG, Liquid PC, Sm4rt, Investor IQ, Wavestone and Totally Networked.

“We are constantly reminded in the press how vulnerable we are when sharing information electronically both internally and externally,” said Kevin Beauregard, co-founder of Get the Net, a compliance and business service solutions firm in New York City. “We have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure we provide these files in a secured manner while maintaining the ability to protect how these files are used by the recipients. Vaultize provides the ideal solution that encrypts the files, provides control to the individual or group that is sharing the files, and the tools to monitor who and how the files are being used once delivered.”

File and data security breaches and leaks were a frequent item in the news last year, and security experts believe 2017 will be even worse. The need for third-party file security and tracking offerings is growing significantly. Historically, it usually took several solutions from different companies to create a complete safety net for a file throughout its lifecycle. But momentum has shifted toward simplified, all-in-one solutions to promote universal adoption of secure software.

Wipro, CDW and others chose to collaborate with Vaultize and promote its platform to their customers because Vaultize is the most powerful all-in-one file security and tracking platform currently available. Users and admins can easily set and control information rights management policies, revoke access to compromised files, track where their documents have been and see who’s been viewing them. They can even remove files from devices outside of their corporate network.

Vaultize’s APAC team has also secured and continues to strengthen partnerships with international IT and industry leaders including Ricoh India.

“The need for data security, data governance and compliance with regulations is growing daily,” said Sharanbir Kaur Bal, IT security bid manager at Ricoh India. “Vaultize provides a unique data security technology that can help our customers meet their requirements. We are happy to partner with Vaultize.”

Vaultize’s success in securing relationships with key partners is due to the increasing need for cybersecurity protection across all vertical markets, specifically finance, legal, accounting, insurance and healthcare. Vaultize continues to grow its sales, support, and account management teams from the company’s global headquarters in San Francisco, regional offices in New York City and Chicago and APAC offices in Mumbai and Delhi, India.

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