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Redefine File Access In Your Workplace 

At the end of the day, end users worry more about productivity and efficiency than corporate file security. Enterprise IT chiefs worldwide struggle to maintain file security amid a workplace culture that increasingly turns to consumer-grade file sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive to achieve their goals. 

Once your enterprise data is stored on a third-party cloud server, it’s out of your control; this creates security, data loss and compliance risks. 

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Enjoy The Freedom Of Vaultize

Vaultize’s secure file access solutions give your employees easy remote file access and the freedom to modify, share and collaborate with company files via computers and mobile devices from anywhere and anytime, while IT maintains complete administrative control and visibility.

IT gets the control and data compliance measures required while end users are able to work seamlessly around the globe. Vaultize’s de-duplication process reduces the amount of data transferred over the wire, resulting in higher organizational productivity and network efficiency.

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Easy VPN-Free Access

Vaultize enables enterprise users to uniformly and ubiquitously access, edit, annotate and share files from content repositories located behind corporate firewalls (including file servers and NAS) with VPN-grade secure access — giving a single consolidated view of the content across all the repositories along with the files being shared by the user.

VPN-free, anywhere access is available through on-premise, private cloud and Cloud-in-a-box appliance deployments.

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Exceptional Access Controls

Vaultize mobile apps allow users to access documents, edit them using the built-in document editor, save the documents and also share them. IT retains complete administrative control and visibility over users’ remote file access through mobile content management controls and multi-dimensional access rights, including policies, monitoring, reporting and audit trails. 

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