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Get Rid Of Old FTP Once And For All

FTP servers are difficult for end users to navigate and time-consuming for IT teams to administer and secure. FTP also lacks control, reporting and tracking capabilities, which makes both internal and regulatory compliance difficult.

There’s a better way to transfer larger files. 

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Vaultize: Secure & Traceable FTP Replacement

Vaultize is a robust file transfer platform that acts as an enterprise FTP replacement that’s more secure, easier to use and simpler to manage than traditional enterprise FTP.

  • Make large and bulk file transfers easy & efficient for internal and external end users
  • Initiate uploads and file transfers with simple drag-and-drop through a web browser and fully automated transfers using desktop sync agent
  • Manage and monitor users’ file transfers
  • Eliminate the reasons your end users turn to services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to send & receive files
  • Protect data leakage through embedded digital rights management (DRM)
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Vaultize FTP Replacement Features

  • No limit on file size or number of files
  • Save up to 90 percent network bandwidth and storage through content-aware de-duplication, which also makes the transfer highly efficient and quick
  • Access rights control, including geo- & IP-fencing and digital rights management (DRM)
  • IT control through sharing polices, access control policies, monitoring and user / file-folder dashboards
  • File- and user-level access tracking with relevant notifications & alerts
  • Transfer large and bulk files simply via email using Vaultize's Outlook & Notes plug-ins that automatically replace attachments with secure & managed links
  • Secure links that are automatically refreshed when changes are made to shared files
  • Password protection, multi-factor authentication, auto-expiry of links and notifications upon access / download / upload
  • Ability to embed secure links within email, documents, webpages or social media
  • Freedom to view files within the web browser itself using Vaultize’s online document viewer with support for digital watermarking, which supports most popular files types
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