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Configurable Anywhere Access

One-size-fits-all file access doesn’t work for today’s complex business needs. Savvy IT teams need to be able to tailor access for each user’s specific situation and adapt those access rights as their roles change.

With Vaultize’s U.S. patent-pending multi-dimensional access rights controls, you have complete command over defining employee access, collaboration and sharing rights based on role, activity, time and geographic or IP locations. Grant anywhere access where you see fit and place restraints on file access or users when necessary.

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Control The File Sharing Environment

Vaultize allows you to create a fully secure environment for file access, sharing and collaboration while preventing unauthorized access to your company’s most sensitive information.

Vaultize gives document owners and/or corporate IT teams control over the use of shared documents, enabling them to manage (and even revoke) the permissions to open, view, download, print, copy/paste, forward and edit those documents through access rights management.

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Digital Rights Management

Embedded digital rights management (DRM) enables control over shared files wherever they go — independent of location, device and the user, with detailed tracking and auditing. Vaultize’s DRM also protects documents even after they’re downloaded by the recipient and on devices not under control of the company IT (like those used by third-party users).

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