Securing Office 365 Email Attachments with Vaultize Plugin

Posted by Praneeth Ponaka on March 10 2016

Over last couple of years organizations have increasingly adopting Office 365. Enterprise IT is looking for ways to secure environment such that corporate data still stays in its control (in line with data governance and compliance objectives of the business) even after the rollout of Office 365.


The Vaultize plugin for Outlook seamlessly converts attachments into secure links - allowing enterprises to get over size restrictions, reduce the size of remote & local mailboxes, enhance information security, control usage of their data and track corporate data wherever it’s going. The plugin is fully compatible with Outlook 365 and Office 365, and can also work with desktop versions of Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) and other email services like Exchange Online and IT can define attachment replacement policies based on many parameters including size of attachments and sender/recipients of the email. IT can prevent data loss by applying policies for Digital Rights Management (DRM aka IRM), link expiration, password protection and digital watermarking.

Delivering Office 365 attachments through secure Vaultize links has the following advantages over regular email attachments:

  • Enterprise Rights management (eDRM) policies can be applied to the attached files. The rights applicable on the email recipients can be controlled by the IT as well as the document owner. Granular rights like read-only, print and copy-paste can be applied. View-only access can be enforced using browser-based Vaultize Online Document Viewer. Attachments can also be locked to a device so that they cannot be forwarded.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies of the organization can be enforced on the attached files. Vaultize integrates with all leading DLP solutions (like Symantec, McAfee and WebSense) and all access events can be logged in the DLP solution for analysis.
  • All attached files get tracked in detail. IT and the sender can track all the operations on the shared files like the geo-location or IP address of access, who downloaded them, when they were accessed and how they were used (using DRM).
  • Attachments can be digitally watermarked with information like organization logo and recipient’s IP.
  • Attached files can be revoked by sender/IT any time and sender/IT can also set automatic expiry after certain time or after certain number of accesses/downloads.
  • Additional authentication, including password and two factor authentication, can be enforced while accessing the attachments through secure links.
  • IT can restrict access to the attached files to certain geographies (e.g. countries) or IP addresses (e.g. IP ranges).
  • No limit on size of attachments.
  • Attached files are de-duplicated at source and across users - resulting in significant savings in bandwidth and cost.
  • If the email is deleted or lost, users/IT can recover the attachments using Vaultize web access.
  • Because large size attachments get replaced by small links, the size of mailboxes on server/cloud and on local device (e.g. PST) gets reduced significantly. This results in big cost savings.
  • Attachments get secured by US-patented Vault Knox file security technology.
  • IT can choose where the files are stored - on premise or, in public clouds like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • For compliance and e-discovery purposes, Vaultize also provides a tool to convert secure links back into original attachments  

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