Vaultize Granted a US Patent for its Vault KNOX File Security

Posted by Sameer Vitkar on July 28 2015

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) formally granted a patent (No. 9,086,819) to Vaultize. This patent is about System and Method for combining encryption and de-duplication of data and is core to Vault KNOX Security built into Vaultize’s enterprise file security platform. The patent grant endorses our claim that Vaultize is the most secure and most efficient enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) and mobile collaboration solution in the world.


With this patent Vaultize co-founders Anand Kekre (CEO) and Ankur Panchbudhe (CTO) take their count of US patents to 59 and 32 respectively. Their patent portfolios contain inventions in the area of information security, data protection, storage virtualization and distributed computing. Before founding Vaultize, these technopreneurs held technology leadership and executive management positions in leading enterprise solution providers including Symantec/Veritas, McAfee and IBM. 

Vault KNOX technology is core to Vaultize’s enterprise file security platform. It performs military-grade encryption and content-aware data de-duplication – both together at the source itself (i.e. on end-user devices – laptops, desktops, smartphone, tablets). Doing encryption at source ensures that data remains private to the end-user and stays secure while it is travelling over the network, while it is stored in Vaultize cloud and while it gets shared with collaborators. Content-aware global de-duplication reduces the amount of data that is required to be sent over the network (and stored in Vaultize cloud) – which in turn makes the file sharing and collaboration very efficient. So effectively this technology means end-to-end security and privacy of corporate data together with efficiency and increased productivity for end-users.

Security and efficiency never get along well. And, the same was considered true with encryption and de-duplication. If you do one right, you lose on other. And hence, solution providers either (a) perform encryption at source and de-duplicate data when it reaches server (creating efficiency challenges), or (b) de-duplicate data at source but encrypt at server (leaving a security hole). But in Vault KNOX, Vaultize has been successful in integrating both together – making security and efficiency go hand in hand – creating a win-win for enterprise IT and end-users.

Recent Heartbleed security hole has shown that SSL connections alone are not enough to protect data. Vaultize’s AES 256-bit encryption at source over SSL communication with OAuth protection guarantees that data is as secure as with any Virtual Private Network (VPN). This gives Vaultize platform ability to provide secure access to on-premise content repositories without the need of VPN. And, with content-aware global de-duplication our customers get as high as 90% reduction in storage utilization and bandwidth utilization – drastically reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

To complement Vault KNOX, Vaultize additionally follows information-centric holistic platform approach towards security, control and visibility through built-in Enterprise Digital Rights Management (eDRM), Mobile Content Management (MCM) and endpoint data protection (backup/restore). This means, irrespective of how the corporate content is being accessed, used (for example, edit and annotate) or shared by the end-users through Vaultize’s enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) and mobile collaboration facilities - and irrespective of the device being used, everything complies with the IT defined policies, ensuring corporate compliance – even when the content goes beyond the corporate boundaries and to the devices beyond IT control. This is the main reason why large enterprises – even in highly regulated and security-conscious verticals – trust Vaultize. Vaultize also offers Virtual Data Room (VDR) and FTP alternative to businesses to help them keep sensitive data under control and visibility and mitigate security risks from your end-users using consumer file sync & share solution like Dropbox.

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