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Posted by Gary Cooke on October 1 2015

“Vaultize delivers industry’s only Enterprise File Sharing with Enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) to help enterprises meet compliance and data governance objectives”

With the explosive growth of freely available consumer file sharing cloud services like Dropbox, many enterprises are finding out the hard way that their employees have been sharing sensitive and confidential company information, with external individuals with little or no security measures in place.  Being able to identify what information was shared and to whom it was shared may prove difficult to meet compliance, data governance objectives in times of legal or internal investigations - when such Shadow-IT exists. As Dropbox alternative many provides have positioned their solutions as Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS). But they significantly lack security, control, data governance objectives and visibility and hence may find that their ability to audit and report on what information was shared - with whom and when - are severely lacking.

Vaultize is the first enterprise file sync & share (EFSS) solution provider that provides seamless integration of enterprise digital rights management (DRM aka information rights management) with enterprise file sync & share (EFSS), mobile file sharing, mobile content management (MCM) – making it the most secure and efficient platform - giving enterprise IT end-to-end security, control and visibility, while providing Dropbox-like user experience to end-users.

Using Vaultize’s digital rights management, enterprise IT can enforce security policies without compromising user experience and normal user workflows on company managed devices as well as BYOD mobile devices. In addition to protection, the embedded rights management enables detailed tracking and auditing of shared files wherever they go – independent of location, device and user. This helps enterprises meet compliance wherein substantial evidence of data breaches through files distributed using secure links as well as through email attachments in Outlook/Lotus Notes can be produced to Compliance, Investigation and Audit teams.

In this video, you will see how:

  • DRM policies can be enforced in secure link sharing policy by enterprise IT
  • An end-user (document owner) can share files and folders through right-click and fine grained DRM controls
  • A recipient can access the shared files and folders with restrictive access rights
  • The document owner can change DRM controls on the fly, which get immediately enforced even on the files already downloaded by the recipient
  • The document owner can revoke access to shared documents that are already shared


Vaultize also provides mobile collaboration wherein its mobile apps have built-in Mobile Content Management (MCM) that allows corporate IT to prevent data loss, security and compliance breaches by controlling what end-users can do with corporate data through a built-in document editor for MS Office editing and PDF annotation. Vaultize’s rights management integrates with mobile content management such that files shared through Vaultize mobile apps stay DRM-protected even after they are downloaded by the recipient on a device not under control of the company IT.

Here is Mobile Content Management video:


Vaultize enterprise rights management uses US patent-pending Micro-containerization technology, which is agnostic to file-formats and provides end-to-end file security. In this information centric approach to enterprise rights management, Vaultize embeds access rights in the document itself such that it is only usable by the authorized recipients in compliance with DRM-protection settings. Through this, access to shared documents can be controlled and permissions to open, view, download, print, copy-paste, forward and edit those documents can be managed (and even revoked).

Vaultize helps Fortune 500 companies, including those in security-conscious and regulated verticals ensure end-to-end file security, control and visibility of corporate sensitive data. The end-users get Dropbox-like user experience with the ability to access, edit and share documents from any device (including BYOD) from anywhere. Enterprise IT can choose between the flexible deployment options to deploy either on-premise (on a single server or a scalable private cloud) or use a cloud service from Vaultize’s public cloud (on Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Vaultize MSP partner data centers).

You can popular use cases of Vaultize - Enterprise-Dropbox (Dropbox Alternative), FTP Replacement, Virtual Data Room (VDR), VPN-free access to file-servers/NAS) and Endpoint Data Protection by sending an email at “sales at Vaultize dot com” or submitting a request for a FREE Trial.

You can also download a 10-user FREE virtual appliance and start using it within a small team.

Whitepaper 5 Ways Enterprise DRM Helps The BFSI Sector Avoid Costly Data Leaks - Download Here


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