Email & Attachment Security | Outlook and Notes Plugins

Many enterprises prize Outlook / Notes for their ability to integrate with other office software and Active Directory, their built-in productivity and task functionality, and their superior stability while traveling compared to other email providers. But like all email clients, they lack certain security tools that give IT insight and control over emails & attachments; for example, what can be done to attachments after they’re shared, issues with their size and how to whitelist and blacklist recipients. Admins and users like need tools to secure emails.

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To reduce the risk of leaks and accidental sharing via emails and attachments, and optimize bandwidth and storage use and control email attachment size, administrators at any company need tools to:

  • Control email and attachment sharing policies i.e. how information is shared, with whom and for how long
  • Control & track sending of emails to blacklisted / whitelisted email addresses & domains ("Safe Send")
  • Control how attachments can be accessed, shared, printed, edited and so on after they are shared
  • Track how and where attachments are being shared and accessed
  • Control Outlook PST & Notes NSF size on user endpoints and enable users to minimize their size where possible
  • Set access expiry and revoke access to attachments

The Vaultize Secure Email Plugin Helps IT Stay in Control

With the Vaultize Outlook & Notes plugins, IT can set policies for end-users to be asked for (additional) confirmation when sending sensitive emails or attachments to certain email addresses or domains. Accidental or intentional, these confirmations from users are also tracked with as many details as required. These "safe send" policies include powerful rules for black- or white-listing of emails and/or domains, attachment control and even blocking of sending to certain emails / domains.

Users can also quickly convert documents they want to send via email to secure links, or IT can set policies for automatically converting email attachments to secure links. These attachments are then stored only once on hyper-secure & managed Vaultize server / cloud. This frees up storage on Outlook & Notes (PST / NSF, email server and the user’s mailbox) and the user’s endpoint while embedding several security and tracking tools to the attachment link itself. It also minimizes the bandwidth necessary to upload and send attachments, helping to reduce network slowdowns.

After the attachment has been converted to a secure Vaultize link, several powerful tools become available to IT admins and users:

  • Converted attachments are uploaded to your Vaultize repository just once, so even big and large number of attachments can be added to your email quickly thanks to Vaultize's global deduplication
  • Apply digital rights management (DRM) on the shared attachments
  • Admins can set policies to auto-convert all  or some email attachments to secure links—improving security and optimizing network usage and storage utilization by up to 90 percent
  • Auto-convert policies can trigger based on attachment size, sender ID, recipient ID and domain, and more
  • Shared attachments become accessible to users through the secure Vaultize web app and online document viewer
  • Admins and users can set access rights on secure links, restricting access to the sender and receiver only, limiting downloads or making files view-only through the Vaultize secure online document viewer
  • Admins can restrict access based on geo- and IP-locations and track geo and IP locations the attachments are accessed from
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Download the Vaultize Email Plugin Data Sheet